‘Powerful, descending bass backbone’,  ‘electro jazz leanings, rich and wholesome in its simplicity’, ‘hard-hitting finesse’ … are a few of the descriptions of GHiA’s sound. She layers her trip hop, rock and hip hop influences into an eclectic yet compelling alternate electronic sound. ‘Vocally dominated, splayed upon experimental melodic foundations’.

GHiA, is a multidisciplinary artist from Cape Town SA, whose creative career has spanned from visual arts to performance. As a performer she has graced the stage in a variety of live performances, from clubs to quirky cabaret characters in theatre, as well as work on screen. As a muso, GHiA launched her inaugural solo EP ‘State of being’ in 2018, a self-exploratory ensemble of contemplative, playful and intense artistic reflection featuring five original songs written and produced in collaboration with many acclaimed creative professionals, including Sean Ou Tim (Mr Sakatumi) with whom she continues to work. She first performed her EP in October 2018 to a warm & full venue, The Raptor Room.

GHiA has performed at a variety of local venues sharing the stage with the likes of  ‘Floors Live’, ‘Emerger’ and George Van der Spuy’s (Taxi Violence) new outfit ‘Crawling King Snake’. Her single BossyBoots has been play listed on a variety of online radio stations with its music video receiving play on local TV channels while her live performance on SABC 3’s Expresso morning show received stellar feedback. She has just recently released her latest single, “Ubiquitous”.

“Ubiquitous” ramps it up from square one with a warbling beat which will knock you in the chest. There’s a sexiness to it, built up around a grinding, pivotal femme power perspective. – Texx and City

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BossyBoots Music Video

Created by A Man Makes A Picture Productions in collaboration with Roundabout Films

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This delightful funky trio bring you a vintage musical experience with the smooth and sassy sounds of a bygone but not forgotten era. They cover swing & jazz standards of the greats, modern songs with a swing twist and sometimes throw in a dash of soul, funk, blues or pop oldies. They can even end off with the footstomping sounds of the DJ’s collection of electro-swing or commercial tracks at your request. Their set can be tailored to suit your event.

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(Comedy Cabaret)

Her speciality act is unlike anything you have ever seen. Ghia’s cabaret persona, the one and only ‘Gigi La Chanteuse’ is a tour de force of comic and musical mischief. Audiences are delighted and surprised when, using mime and song, Ghia brings both Gigi and Louis to life in a musical comedic cabaret that will leave you cheering for more.

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